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Did you know...We are one of the only Canmore/Banff firm with a CPM and CMOC. We were the first Canmore/Banff firm to bring full website advertising of rental properties. We were the first Canmore/Banff firm to bring you "condominium documents online"!

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Residential Security Deposits, Part 2
Sunday, August 07, 2011
Over the past several years both tenants and landlords alike have offered or requested additional desposit funds, beyond the full months security deposit provided for under Alberta legislation. The desire to collect or provide an additional deposit can very from owner or some cases perhaps the landlord will not entertain a pet due to additional wear and tear or damage concerns. Perhaps the landlord is considering an applicant that has less than a great credit history, or has no previous rental history. Alberta legislation is very clear when dealing with the collection and holding of Security Deposits. In essence legislation provides that no landlord is entitled to charge or collect a deposit greater than one months full rent. No exceptions, and no matter what it may be further described as. Meaning, if you have collected a full security deposit, and then wish to charge or collect a "pet deposit" or "key deposit", this is not permitted and contravenes the Residential Tenancies Act. It is important to note, that even if a tenant offers an additional deposit, the landlord may not accept. While there are no security deposit police as such, if a problem should arise with the tenancy, and the matter is referred to legal proceedings, the knowledge that a landlord accepted an additional deposit greater than one monthns rent will certainly not be in the landlords favor. There are other ways to protect the landlord and the tenant, for more information please do not hesitate to contact us, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your management needs.

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